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For ladies, this indicates rather all-natural to kiss their own spouse after a cock sucking. Obviously, males never share their particular applying for grants this matter.

The main reason for the usually all the men are not too stoked up about sampling their particular penis in your lips. A few of them may request you to get a sip of water before kissing. Other individuals would need you to actually get and brush your smile.

Thus, there would often be this sort of hesitation when you wish to kiss after blowjob. However you never really know how could the guy respond.

Let’s just be sure to understand what perform guys really feel about kiss after blowjob and just how they could respond should you want to hug him. We questioned some guys what they consider this problem and some tips about what they stated:

“If she is ok with putting my penis into the woman lips, why mustn’t I kiss this lady back?”

“in all honesty, I really don’t like it. I entirely concur that my personal partner is deserving of something even more after she provided me with a blowjob but I in all honesty feel sick sampling my personal knob on the tongue and I also cannot assist imagining that You will find my cock in my mouth.”

“I really find it hot. And that I realize kissing my personal lady after she provided me with a blowjob will make her smile. I simply desire this lady to feel as good as i’m my self”

“Wow, i did not even know individuals could argue about that”

“i believe it comes with knowledge and, a lot more significantly, once you ultimately meet with the proper lady. Now I’m much more disgusted of the indisputable fact that my personal girlfriend could feel unappreciated by-doing something therefore close for my situation. Nowadays I actually regret not carrying it out before”

“a buddy of mine as soon as told me: “If men doesn’t kiss their girl after a bj, the guy doesn’t deserve it at all”. And that I could not agree a lot more with it!”


Though, if you’re nevertheless not sure exactly how your man would work whenever you’d love to kiss him after bj, merely just be sure to ask him honestly about this. He would value you nurturing about this concern. And speaking about such things as this may absolutely create your commitment stronger.

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